BrightFinance Review – Trade Forex With Ease

BrightFinance Review – Trade Forex With Ease

BrightFinance Review

Daily, the foreign exchange market boasts of $4 trillion in average traded value. This has earned the foreign exchange market a title as the world's largest financial market. Every individual is striving to get a share of the profit from this vast opportunity. Luckily, the financial market has vast opportunities for every individual. Financial asset trading has provided passive income for thousands of individuals in the world. You could plug into this vast market and earn massive profits daily. 

Investing in financial assets is one of such opportunities that could change your financial status in no long time. Investors around the world understand this. However, making the decision to invest in financial assets has two sides. You either win or lose. The losses can as well be great and turn into a hunting misery when you make an uninformed decision. But the losses could be avoided when you get the right information. 

Reading this review is a great step in getting the right information. To accomplish success from your investment you must take a favorable approach and decision. Like every other venture in life, you are expected to formulate plans. You must carefully observe the financial market and set your goal and objectives.

As there is no actual gathering place for the financial market, traders are required to select a dependable broker to assist them perform their trading activity. There are various existing platforms available on the Internet. If you really want to select the best platform for your investment, you have to carefully examine a number of available brokerage platforms. Before choosing a platform for your financial asset trading, consider the following guidelines. 

A reputable forex brokerage platform will be a member of at least one trading association. It should also be licensed and authorized by regulating agencies. The actual function of these agencies is to formulate rules, policies, and services to defend the value of the market, traders, and particularly the investors. Another function is to ensure that members meet regulatory obligations. This would secure the funds and data of investors and traders using the platform. 

It is worthy to note that an awesome or competent looking website does not actually guarantee that a trading platform is credible and authorized. Most times, legal trading platforms state their authorization clearly and the organization that authorized them. This is normally found in the "about us" section on their web page. Every country has its own regulatory body. Due to likely concerns as regards the safety of deposits and the integrity of the brokerage platforms: I better to join platforms that are duly regulated. 

Let us use the US as a case study, a respected forex broker in the United States will be duly licensed by the U. S and will be a recognized member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a Futures Commission Merchant and Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer. Actually, the NFA is a self-regulatory organization for the futures industry in the United States. It develops rules, programs, and services to defend the value of the market, traders, and investors. 

We would be considering Bright as a broker. If you are considering signing up with Bright, it is important that you read this till the end. Reviews like this your knowledge of the activities of the brokerage platform you intend to sign up with. This would help you make a good decision. In this article, we have critically evaluated Bright as a trading platform.

Overview of 

BrightFinance is a UK based broker. This broker provides stock, crypto coins, and forex pairs for their users to trade with. BrightFinance offers a strong security system for clients. They use the KYC (know your customer) policy to ensure that all the users on their platform are credible and not just cut out to hack the website. This broker also ensures security on their system through 3D secured transaction security which is compliant with PCI DSS standards. With such a security system put in place traders feel safe working with BrightFinance.

Although does not fall under any regulating agency, it has provided excellent services to clients. They have been known to deliver trusted services to clients. is a tested and trusted cryptocurrency and forex trading platform. As explained earlier, trading with this platform is secure. You would not have to stay up at night worrying about losing your hard-earned money. brokerage trading platform supports efficiency and accuracy. There are different categories of assets to trade on the platform. BrightFinance web-based platform delivers executions without a waste of time. This efficient method provides for a one-click trading system. As a trader, diversifying your assets would be very easy on this platform. This would actually minimize your risk and increase your profits.

Nevertheless, there are still some additional features the broker brings to the market. offers a number of outstanding features that have made several traders decide to trust the broker with their hard-earned money. Examine these unique features in the succeeding paragraphs.

Unique features of 

BrightFinance innovative and automatic trading platform 

The broker provides a trading platform optimized for efficiency and accuracy. There are several assets to trade on the platform. BrightFinance web-based platform delivers executions without a waste of time. This efficient method provides for a one-click trading system. 

This platform allows traders to make better trading decisions by providing advanced trading tools and in-depth charts for analysis. With an intuitive user interface, traders perform faster trading with instant reflection within a short time. Little wonder existing users still prefer the platform.

Availability of Diverse and Extensive Asset to clients

BrightFinance has a remarkable feature of offering diverse assets to clients. This suits the trading pattern of numerous clients. Trading numerous assets reduce the risk of loss. When you invest in several assets you get to maximize return and balance risks. Even if the price of one asset goes down you still stand the chance of making a profit with other assets. 

BrightFinance gives traders the opportunity to extend their capital in numerous assets. One can take up trading in both major and minor currency pairs, commodities, indices, popular cryptocurrencies, as well as stocks of leading companies in several industries.

Variety of Trading Account Options Available 

Opening a trading account is an unavoidable component of the journey of your financial investment or trading. BrightFinance has generated several options for customer accounts to meet the demands of several clients. These accounts are developed in a certain order so as to respond to the specific needs of users. 

Every individual has peculiar reasons for getting into the financial market. A good number of people get into asset trading to temporarily find a solution to their financial problems, some get in to attain a second stream of income. Some others take up trading of assets fully as a career. The idea of multiple account options is a good approach to fulfill the concerns of these diverse clients.

However, these account options have succeeded in putting several traders on the platform in categories. Below are the account options for BrightFinance. 

Explorer Account

The Explorer account is the prime account option for BrightFinance. The Explorer account is just for beginners. $250 is the minimum amount while the maximum deposit is $2,500. This account delivers customer support and master charts to aid users on the platform. 

Basic Account 

The next account option is the basic account. A trader can sign up for this account with a deposit starting at $2,500, the maximum deposit is $9,999. This account also gives you access to a specialist who would assist you in making reasonable trading decisions. Every basic account holder gets a personal analyst who can assist in making decisions and offer trading advice.

Silver Account

The silver account is another account available on this platform. $10,000 is the minimum amount while the maximum deposit is $24,999. Silver account has all the features of other accounts except that, traders gain access to weekly market reviews as well as financial research with Silver accounts. This feature is very helpful because it will aid traders to make better trading decisions and earn profits. 

Gold Account 

The gold account is for advanced traders who can afford the minimum deposit requirement of $10,000. The maximum deposit is also $99,999. Under this account option, you get to enjoy a smart money management program. 

Platinum Account 

The Platinum account is the last account option that you will find at BrightFinance. It can be opened with a minimum deposit of $100,000 and the maximum limit is set at $499,999. You also get access to a senior analyst with this account. 

The senior analysts are skilled in the dealings of the financial market and can help you develop a long-term financial plan. You also enjoy the benefits of protected trades that are not available in any other account type. 

Active Security Technology 

One of the vital reasons why people still go for BrightFinance is because it is able to deliver a strong security system to clients. If you trade under fear or pressure, you are more prone to avoidable errors. These errors can be detrimental to your success. Hence, BrightFinance has designed security that terminates the fear of loss linked with trading. 

They achieve this by making users adopt tough passwords. They have also opted for two-factor authentication to keep users' accounts safe. The platform makes use of superior technology of full data encryption. This is practiced to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not gain access to any sensitive and confidential information. The broker also offers 3D secured safety, this safety pattern is compliant with PCI DSS standards. It also keeps you safe from DDoS attacks as well.

In order to secure clients' funds, the broker only allows 10% of investment to be accessible online, the rest are secured in cold wallets. KYC (Know Your Customer) policy is also strictly implemented. This means that individuals are mandated to give evidence of identity and address. It is a strategy to prevent cyber-criminals from creating an account on the platform to gain information and commit fraud. 

We would be biased if we do not notify you of the shortcomings of

Unregulated by Authorities 

BrightFinance is not under any regulating agency presently. They seem to be making provisions to get authorization really quickly. It should be noted that this shortcoming is not really a problem, as this broker has consistently received positive reviews from investors working with their platform. Although no regulating authority can compel the platform to act accordingly, is particularly dedicated to improving the convenience and profits of clients on their platform.

Most times, brokers hoping to get customers on regulated markets such as the European Union or the UK. Procure license and authority from one of the official national regulators, like the CNMV in Spain, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). 

BrightFinance is working towards getting licensed by these leading agencies. Moreover, legal regulation is not a complete assurance of the safety of your funds. Some regulated agencies fail to provide security to their users. has provided exceptional security strategies to safeguard the funds and personal data of clients. 

Limited payment options

The payment options available on BrightFinance forex broker is limited. So far, this is the only actual shortcoming of this platform- the limited methods for their fund transfers. This limited payment option is a security strategy for this platform. Basically, the options acceptable are wire transfers and e-wallets such as VLoad and PraxisCashier. However, skrill and Major cards like VISA and MasterCard which are preferable payment options are not obtainable on this platform. 

We have critically assessed as a trading platform. The broker offers a number of advantages to traders. However, Bright is generally a recommended trading platform. Your security is assured. Several traders and specialists deem the platform as a great choice. 

A good number of clients prefer the platform as they recognize the efforts to broker makes to ensure productive trading. As a beginner, it is important that you select a platform that assures the safety of your funds and personal details. Signing up for this platform would be a great choice.