Bitcoin Price Rises Over the Weekend, What’s Next for BTC?

On Friday, the evaluation of the cryptocurrency market cap has been sitting around $171B and from there continued its upward movement until today when it reached $185,834,567,541 at its highest point. The evaluation started moving to the downside from there and came down to $178,610,692,940 on today’s low but is currently sitting around $180,5B level as it recovered slightly.

The support level was broken and the evaluation is currently retesting it from the downside for resistance at the moment, and if the resistance is there, I would be expecting the start of an immediate retracement.

GigaFX Review: Things GigaFX Has Done Differently from Other Brokers


Traders have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a broker today. Every day, you will see a new broker adding to the list of already existing brokers. While this competition has made things easy for traders, the brokers have to do more than ordinary to survive in the competition. Brokers like GigaFX have proved that with quality and care given to the traders, you can excel in the competition and eventually win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of traders from all around the world. So, what has GigaFX done differently from the rest of the brokers?