Royal C Bank - Reasons To Choose as Your New Broker

Presently there are a lot of options to generate substantial stable income. One of the most discussed is an investment in the financial market. There are huge numbers of cryptocurrency trading platforms obtainable on online. 

Royal C Bank

If you want to start trading and enjoy from income that you get not leaving your home. If you are looking for safe and profitable investment the best option for you is already known brokerage company Royal C Bank. Royal C Bank was formed in 2009 and it has become a leading online broker thanks to its flexibility and the unique trading environment it presents. The good thing about Royal C Bank is that you can choose between three trading platform options on it. 

Why KodiMax Has Proven to be an Excellent Platform for New and Experienced Traders


When you look for online brokers to start your trading career, you notice a few trends. For example, most of the online brokers are targeting a particular type of traders. In most cases, you will find brokers targeting the new traders’ market. New traders are easy to persuade and can benefit the broker in many ways because of how little knowledge they have about the industry. Some brokers are focused on experienced traders because they want continuous business and repeating profits from their existing traders. KodiMax has emerged as one of the unique online brokers that focus on both the type of traders. Let’s find out in this KodiMax review why this is so. 

StsRoyal Investment Platform - Taking the Right Start

StsRoyal Investment Platform


The peak of Bitcoin in 2017 created awareness amongst people about cryptocurrencies and prompted the interest of new investors towards this new commodity. The founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, had not intended to create this virtual currency and it turned out to be a byproduct for what he was trying to accomplish. With the introduction of Bitcoin, Blockchain technology also came to light and now it is being used in other industries as well. Initially, there was a great deal of uncertainty about cryptocurrencies because their anonymous nature was being used for nefarious purposes. However, things have changed as more and more cryptocurrencies are now being introduced and they are gradually becoming an important part of our economy. 

Top 3 Zero Pip Spread Brokers

Top 3 Zero Pip Spread Brokers

In the world of forex trading, the difference between the bid and asking price is known as the spread. Thus, a zero spread account is one that doesn’t have any difference between the bid and asking price. A brokerage firm that gives its clients the option of signing up for zero spread accounts is referred to as a zero spread forex broker. Put simply, the transaction fee is replaced by the spread, which means that traders are not required to pay anything. When you are working with a broker that offers you zero pip spreads, you should be aware that when the spread becomes bigger, your cost of trading will increase. But, when the spread is narrow, the cost of trading will be very limited. 

Bitcoin Price Rises Over the Weekend, What’s Next for BTC?

On Friday, the evaluation of the cryptocurrency market cap has been sitting around $171B and from there continued its upward movement until today when it reached $185,834,567,541 at its highest point. The evaluation started moving to the downside from there and came down to $178,610,692,940 on today’s low but is currently sitting around $180,5B level as it recovered slightly.

The support level was broken and the evaluation is currently retesting it from the downside for resistance at the moment, and if the resistance is there, I would be expecting the start of an immediate retracement.