Midaswms Review - The Trustworthy Broker you Need

Midaswms Review

Midaswms Review

The trading markets have become a hot topic nowadays, with more and more interested in earning more than what they do through a regular job. The best thing about trading is that it doesn’t come with hefty prerequisites and it is easy to do, even if you still continue with your day-time job. All you need is a little bit of capital and the next step is to find a good broker. This is the real challenge that most people face and surprisingly, it is not because of lack of choice. In fact, it is the opposite; there is an overwhelming number of brokers in the market, which can make it tough for people to opt for one. 

What should you look for? What not to do? This decision is of the utmost importance because you have to trust these brokers with your personal information and your hard-earned money. The number of brokerage scams can also be quite discouraging. Is there any trustworthy broker? Indeed, there are some and one of them is Midaswms. Owned and operated by Digital C. Media, this broker can open up the world of online trading opportunities for you and provide you with the best combination of services and tools while doing so. Registered in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, Midaswms has developed a strong reputation in the market and for good reason. 

Let’s take a look at some of the impressive features and offerings of Midaswms that make it a good choice for every trader: 

Safety and Security 

Perhaps, the first feature that traders check in a broker these days is their security architecture. This is not something that can be pushed into the background because, as mentioned above, there have been too many cases of brokerage scams. Hence, it is not something that you can ignore when you have a choice to make. Midaswms has done a marvelous job in this regard as the broker is fully-registered, which means it complies with top notch security standards. They have implemented the Know your Customer (KYC) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy, which is aimed at verifying the identity of their clients to ensure no shady profiles are set up. Plus, they used 128-bit encryption for keeping all data and communications safe and have used firewalls for protecting their website. 

Multitude of Investment Choices 

After you have determined a broker’s security, your next priority should be to check what assets you will be able to trade with them. It is possible that you want to trade a specific asset or you may want to diversify your investment portfolio. No matter what the situation, you need to look at the investment choices. Midaswms has a very impressive asset index that comprises of a range of trading instruments belonging to different categories. The broker lets its clients trade the top currency pairs in the forex market, precious metals like gold, copper and silver, stocks of some of the top companies in the world like Facebook, Google, Coca Cola and various indices like S&P 500 and more. 

Various Investment Plans 

To trade with a broker, you first have to sign up for one of their investment plans i.e. account options. These are designed for different kinds of traders, as per their needs and requirements. They differ in terms of features and deposit requirements. Midaswms caters to traders of varying backgrounds and skill levels, due to which it has introduced some diverse plans. There are a total of four options, which are: 

· Gold: This is the first investment plan at Midaswms, which requires a deposit of $10,000. It offers leverage of about 1:200, doesn’t charge any fee and the spreads in this account start at 0.9 pips. It also includes an introduction to trading software by an experienced account manager for 30 minutes. 

· Diamond: The second account option at Midaswms can be opened by depositing $25,000. Leverage remains the same, but the spreads start at 0.5 pips in this account. Experienced account managers provide introductory coaching to trading signals once or twice a day. 

· Platinum: To open the third account at Midaswms, traders have to deposit at least $50,000. The spreads are further reduced to 0.3 pips and there is automatic implementation of trading signals. Traders can also get intensive support from senior account managers and participate in Newstrading sessions. 

· Midas Partners: The last account option can be availed when you deposit $100,000 with the broker. This account is designed only for professional traders who are interested in scalping strategies. 

Apart from these options, Midaswms also gives its clients the chance to try a demo account for practice and to become acquainted with the broker’s procedures. 

Comprehensive Educational Options 

Midaswms truly wants its clients to succeed in trading and this is made obvious by the Trading Academy that the broker has established on its website. It provides resources for beginner traders to understand what trading is and also offers in-depth and detailed information regarding fundamental and technical analysis, which are essential for implementing trading strategies. In addition, Midaswms has also created an FAQ section where its customers can find answers to common queries and learn more about the broker and its procedures. 

Round-the-clock Customer Support 

Another important aspect of a broker is the customer support because you never know when you might need assistance. Midaswms has introduced several channels that their clients can use for reaching out to them. Their aim is to keep the trading process as simple as possible and to resolve any complaints promptly. Their agents can be contacted through email, phone, live chat or online contact form. They are available 24/5 and will respond to you as quickly as possible. 


Midaswms has also ensured that its traders don’t have to worry about hefty commissions. The broker’s registration process is also straightforward and not time consuming at all. Payment methods are plentiful and convenient and Midaswms has incorporated the entire MetaTrader 4 suite of platforms to accommodate the needs of all traders, regardless of their background and preference.