ZuluTrade Review – Copy Trading Without Losing Your Freedom

When you join an online trading platform, you always have to consider the factor of freedom. How much freedom do you think you will be able to retain once you open an account with an online broker? 

Will you be able to keep any freedom when you choose to go with a copy trading platform? I can’t tell you about all the copy trading software out there but I can sure tell you about this one platform in my detailed ZuluTrade review.

I want to talk about this copy trading system because I think it offers you great features without making you compromise on your trading freedom. Let’s get into this detailed ZuluTrade review to find out what I mean by that.

Keep Your Current Broker

So, since you are signing up with a company that offers you copy trading, you must lose control of the assets you can trade. Is that something going on in your head before you pick ZuluTrade as the platform for your trading ventures? You are not alone because there are many other aspiring traders who think the same. 

I can’t bet on any other platforms but I can tell you that you will be trading, not one, two, or ten, but multiple assets when you are on this platform. Don’t forget that you are not going to lose access to the broker you are already signed up with when you go with ZuluTrade.

Yes, the idea behind this trading signals platform is to help you with copy trading features only. It does not make you lose access to the broker that you are signed up with right now. So, if you already like a broker and are currently trading on their platform, you can continue to do so even when you join ZuluTrade.

Choose Your Favourite Traders

Once you register successfully, you will land on the platform where you will be able to see a list of traders. Yes, you will have the list of traders and you will be the one in charge of deciding which one you want to copy. 

You can always look at them based on how many investors are copying them, how successful they have been in the past, or how much money they currently have invested. There are many other parameters for you to make the pick, but you should know that you have the freedom to pick the trader of your choice for copy trading.

Final Thoughts

While online trading requires you to learn every aspect of trading before you can invest your funds, copy trading requires that you spend a lot of time defining your trading goals, finding the right trader who aligns with those goals, and adding more traders to your portfolio who you think can benefit you in the long-term.

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