XTRgate Review - Why XTRgate Has Proven to be an Excellent Platform for New and Experienced Traders

XTRgate Review

XTRgate Review

When you look for online brokers to start your trading career, you notice a few trends. For example, most of the online brokers are targeting a particular type of traders. In most cases, you will find brokers targeting the new traders’ market. New traders are easy to persuade and can benefit the broker in many ways because of how little knowledge they have about the industry. Some brokers are focused on experienced traders because they want continuous business and repeating profits from their existing traders. XTRgate has emerged as one of the unique online brokers that focus on both the type of traders. Let’s find out in this XTRgate review why this is so. 

Introduction to XTRgate 

XTRgate is an online broker just like hundreds of others out there. It provides you a platform to trade not just forex currency pairs but many CFDs as well. CFD trading is the trading of contracts instead of the assets. When you trade CFDs of a particular asset, you are only trading the contract, not the asset. The beauty of this type of trading is that you have access to a variety of financial markets of the world from the same trading platform. However, you have to look for a broker who provides these services. Not all the online brokers let you trade CFDs and offer you the conditions wherein you can make profits for yourself. 

XTRgate has emerged as an online broker with a focus on the trading market as a whole. It does not favor new or experienced traders in specific. It favors them both and wants them to make money off their trades because of the flexible trading conditions. 

XTRgate and Safety for Traders 

This is an area where this online broker manages to impress a lot of traders from around the world. It pays attention to the most important security factors so the traders can trade with the peace of mind. The first thing that matters to the traders is the safety of their information. Before you even deposit any funds in your account, you have to sign up on the website and provide your personal information. You want your broker to protect the information you provide at the time of signing up so no third party steals and uses it on your behalf. XTRgate has made sure to have the best encryption standards in place so all the information you provide on the website is flawlessly protected. 

The next most important thing is the money you deposit in your account. Of course, as a new trader, you will not deposit a lot of funds in your account but even a single penny deposited in the account matters. So, what happens to the money you deposit in your account? Does it go into the same account where the broker is keeping its money? That’s the last thing you want to see happening to your money. However, you don’t have to worry about this particular issue because XTRgate adheres to the industry standards of protecting the client funds by putting them in segregated accounts. 

The money you deposit not only goes into a separate account but those accounts are labeled to be yours specifically. You want to stay away from the brokers who don’t have a policy to keep your money in segregated accounts. 

XTRgate and Trading Education 

This particular section from the broker is focused not only on new traders but the old ones as well. It does not matter which profession or field you are in, you can never claim that you have learned everything. First of all, you have to be thankful to the broker for having such high-quality training material for its traders. Before you put your money on the line, it is best that you learn trading. Learning from generic articles and posts will not help you much. What you need is proper education that has been put in place for you by your online broker. 

If you want some basic information about trading, you will get it right on the XTRgate website. It explains to you how trading takes place when you are buying and selling CFDs. The best thing is that the broker provides you with some great examples that make it easy for you to learn trading. Once you start on the right foot, you will move in the right direction as well. Keep in mind that losing trades are a big reason why so many traders quit their trading career right in the beginning. If you want to avoid such situation, it is best that you learn trading properly and use the right techniques and strategies while entering trades to ensure profits. 

The Many Trading Accounts from XTRgate

As mentioned earlier and in the title, this particular broker has designed a system that suits not only new but experienced and old traders as well. When you look at the account types you instantly realize that this broker cares about every type of trader that exists on the planet. You have six different types of trading accounts to choose from. The first account is the most basic type and it has been named basic account. You will be surprised to know that you get free trading alerts even when you sign up with the most basic account with this broker. You even have partial access to trading education when you sign up with the basic account. 

The most important thing is how easy it is for you to start a trading account with the broker and maintain it. If the broker requires a lot of money from you right from the start, it will be extremely difficult for you to continue trading. You will be glad to know that the deposit requirements from XTRgate are some of the most flexible ones. If you go with the basic account from the broker, you will have to deposit only 500 Euros in your account. VIP Club is the most expensive account and you can open it only when you have a deposit of more than 1,000,000 Euros available with you. 

The loyalty bonus you get from this broker is yet another thing that makes it better than most other brokers out there. If you sign up with the basic account, the loyalty bonus is only 10%. However, the bonus gets better as you continue to go up a level in the accounts. With the silver account, you can get a loyalty bonus of 20%. However, things get really interesting when you sign up with the most advanced and expensive accounts. If you join the millioner club with a 1,000,000 EUR deposit, you can enjoy a 100% loyalty bonus. That’s something you usually do not get at all from the online brokers. Even if they have any loyalty bonuses, they are small compared to what this broker is offering. 

The XTRgate Trading Conditions 

This is where you get to talk about the best thing for the traders. You always want to know as a new or experienced trader how easy it will be for you to make profits with a broker. Well, it depends on what type of conditions the broker produces for you. There is no doubt about the fact that some brokers make it hard for you to earn any profits on your trades. They are only concerned about their profits. Whether you lose in your trades or win does not really matter to those brokers. However, things are quite different when you sign up with XTRgate. 

With this broker, you get a daily market review no matter which account you sign up with. You also have trading signals available to you without paying any extra fees. Trading signals tell you whether you should go long in a trade or short. While you get trading signals only once a day from the broker when you sign up with a basic account, most other brokers charge you money for them. Go with the best and the most expensive accounts with the broker and you will receive unlimited trading signals. These signals help you make your trading decisions. With your personal analysis and trading signals, you can predict the price movements of the assets in the markets in the best way possible. 

In addition to the trading signals, you will also have access to a personal account manager regardless of the type of account you sign up with. These are the things that you will miss with most other brokers but not when you are with XTRgate. 

Final Thoughts 

When you look at the features of this online broker, they don’t leave a hint of doubt in your mind that the broker is focused on new and experienced traders both. It somehow manages to provide them with some great services as well. If you want free trading signals while trading CFDs in various financial markets, you are better off with XTRgate. With the best trading conditions and 24/5 support, you can rest assured that your broker is on your side in your trades and wants you to make money.