GigaFX Review: Things GigaFX Has Done Differently from Other Brokers


Traders have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a broker today. Every day, you will see a new broker adding to the list of already existing brokers. While this competition has made things easy for traders, the brokers have to do more than ordinary to survive in the competition. Brokers like GigaFX have proved that with quality and care given to the traders, you can excel in the competition and eventually win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of traders from all around the world. So, what has GigaFX done differently from the rest of the brokers? 

While this broker is competing within the same industry, it has done many things differently not just to get noticed but for the benefit of its traders. Let’s take a look at some of those achievements from the broker and how they have translated into benefits of the traders. 

Safety of Funds and Information 

Every broker wishes to provide you with a secure platform and vows to protect your money and information. However, only a few know how to achieve maximum security. When you sign up with GigaFX, you have to admit that the company knows how protection and security works. First, all the money that you deposit in your account is safe because it goes into dedicated account. On the other hand, you have many online brokers that mix your money with their own funds. Safety of information is another sensitive matter that GigaFX takes care of excellently. 

The information you provide contains a lot of sensitive data. This sensitive data is encrypted for your protection as soon as you enter it on the website of the broker. You will also see that GigaFX adheres to the AML and KYC policies. Through KYC policy, the broker ensures that it only lets the most vaild and legal people create account on its platform. When you open your account, you too will have to provide a lot of personal information. This is for your security and to ensure that you and only you are using your information o sign up with the broker. AML stands for anti-money laundering. This policy is there to keep the platform free of any money launderers and their illegal activities. 

Safe Banking 

Many traders are often under the impression that the broker is only responsible to keep their money safe after they have deposited. What they don’t realize is that the broker has to play its part during the deposit phase as well. You want to make sure that your broker gives you only the safest options to deposit your money. In addition to that, you also want more and more deposit methods at your disposal so you can pick the one you are most comfortable. You will see that GigaFX has brought some of the best options for you to transfer your funds to your account. You can use the credit card option along with the bank wire transfer feature. 

These methods are not enough for many of the new traders. They want the latest methods of funding their online accounts. Online payments have proved to be some of the safest and fastest methods of transferring funds in the recent times and GigaFX lets you transfer your funds online using Skrill, Neteller, and many other similar options. One of the biggest achievements of the broker is the introduction of accepting payments in the form of bitcoin. Yes, you can now deposit funds in your account in bitcoin form using your personal crypto-wallet. Trading cryptocurrencies is now easier than ever with this amazing option from the broker. 

The Two Amazing Asset Classes 

You have to know that you will be trading CFDs when you sing up with GigaFX. CFD trading is famous for giving traders a lot of opportunity and flexibility of trading. When you are in this type of trading, you want to trade assets from all around the world. It is sad that many of the online brokers are sticking to the same old markets when the new ones are already emerging. With most of the brokers, you are still limited to trading conventional stocks, indices, bonds, currency pairs, etc. On the other hand, GigaFX brings you two completely new asset classes. 

The first asset class is of cryptocurrencies. As stated earlier, you can now use your bitcoin wallet to transfer funds into your account. It should give you a hint which digital coin you can use on the GigaFX platform. Yes, you can now trade bitcoin with GigaFX and you are not limited to a particular position just because your broker is not willing to take the risk. You can go long or short on your position and benefit from the bitcoin market conditions no matter how good or bad they look. At the moment, you only have bitcoin available for trading on the GigaFX trading platform. 

In addition to the cryptocurrencies, you can also trade cannabis stocks with this amazing broker. Yes, you can put these assets in the “stocks” class, but it will be unfair to not mention them separately. You will not find many other brokers offering you this particular asset. On the other hand, GigaFX is giving you the opportunity to trade not just one but 10 different cannabis stocks. These companies are considered some of the best and fastest emerging companies in the cannabis industry. Investing your money in their stocks can be life-changing. Of course, you should analyze and understand the market before you put any money on the line. 

In addition to these two amazing asset classes, you can also trade various commodities, stocks, and forex currency pairs. If you are someone who wants to benefit from diversifying the investment portfolio, you will not find a better place than GigaFX. 

The Best Trading Platform 

It can be difficult to decide which trading platform is the best. However, you have to be sure that the trading platform you pick should match with your lifestyle. If you are often moving and traveling, a platform that can only be installed on a PC will not work for you. Furthermore, you want your platform to be compatible with many different types of devices and operating systems. You will not be disappointed with what GigaFX has in the bag for you. Its trading platform is available for you to download on your mobile phone or tablet. When downloading on your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about your phone being iOS or Android because the software is compatible with both. 

You also have the web based version of the software available at your fingertips. This version is perfect for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of installing the software. With the web version, you just have to open the website on your browser and then you are good to go. 

Education and Training 

The education and training material you get with GigaFX is another feature that has to be admired about the broker. GigaFX takes everything seriously and you can find the proof in the final result itself. With many other brokers, you don’t even know what the training material is like. On the other hand, you can get a glimpse of the material when you go with GigaFX. As soon as you land on the education section of the website, you will see some eBooks. These books will train you on the basics of trading. However, if you want to access professional content, you will have to sign up with the broker. 

The best thing is that you are the one to decide how you want your learning to go. If you like to take your time in learning things, you can opt for the eBooks option. If you want to learn fast and effectively, you should go with the video-based learning program. Last but not least, you can access the professional level webinars too. These webinars are there to let you listen to the most professional and experienced traders from the industry. They can tell you how to trade, what to do, what not to do, and provide you with tips that will help you have a stable career in trading. You can even ask any questions you have to learn even better. 

Customer Service 

You can send a ticket to the company about your complain through the online web form. You can also use an email right underneath the form to give your feedback. There are multiple numbers available for traders to get in touch with the company to have their issues resolved. The physical address on the website is also there so you can have the peace of mind that the company you are signing up with really does exist. 

Final Thoughts 

You can now safely say that a lot of things have been done differently by GigaFX. If nothing, the broker has definitely raised the bar of service that had been offered by brokers in this industry for many years. The availability of the cryptocurrency and cannabis stocks markets is definitely a unique selling point for the broker. In addition to that, funding your account with bitcoins is also a big plus of signing up with this broker. Overall, you can call GigaFX a recommendable broker.